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About JBQ

Maria and Sydney Strauss, the Cuban-American mother and daughter duo and founders of JUST BEE QUEEN, set out to create an ethically produced, sourced, and sustainable high end resort brand that would appeal to women of both their generations.

Influenced by their Caribbean and Latin American backgrounds, they wanted to create the perfect ready-to-wear garments that would be a resort staple as well as a versatile streetwear collection. The mix of color, movement, and feminine appeal made their designs a year round sensation that could be worn with bathing suits and shirts, or sweaters and booties.

The collection has most recently expanded to include many other styles which include various tops, bottoms, dresses, and jumpsuits. The brand’s iconic beach-to-bar skirts are made from peshtemals which are more absorbent, more comfortable, and hold up better than traditional beach wraps. All garments are created with artisan crafted and globally sourced textiles in many fun textures and prints.

In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint which the fashion industry has made on this earth, 99% of all materials used in production are up-cycled, organic, and biodegradable. The textiles are all hand woven in traditional family-based mills and infused with plant based dyes. The majority of garments are hand or machine washable in an effort to reduce the use of chemicals in the cleaning process.

Designed and ethically produced in the USA, JUST BEE QUEEN gives women the power to express themselves through their fashion choices.

The bee symbolizes community, leadership, and personal power. The ancient Druids saw the bee as symbolizing the sun, the Goddess, celebration, and community.