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Maria and Sydney Strauss, the Cuban-American mother/daughter duo and founders of JUST BEE QUEEN, are creating an ethically produced, sourced, and sustainable high end resort brand that appeals to the modern consumer.


The Ethical Way
All garments are handmade in their hometown of Miami and created with artisan crafted and globally sourced textiles. Only manual or semi-automatic family-based Turkish looms are used to produce the textiles used in their beach-to-bar collection. JBQ searches for dead stock as well as recycled cotton fabric scraps that have been repurposed and consistently aim for a zero-waste circular and sustainable environment.  Through the supply chain process, the team works closely with vendors to make sure all raw materials are ethically sourced.  Every piece is curated to the highest ethical standard from start to finish.


Time & Effort
The Just Bee Queen team is committed to researching and sourcing sustainable fabrics; frequently visiting partners overseas to ensure that their process is ethical and moving in the direction of less waste.


From Start to Finish
Since consumers have become increasingly conscious about a circular lifestyle, Just Bee Queen is taking every possible step to reduce the carbon footprint which the fashion industry has made on this earth. Close to 90% of all materials used in the production and packaging process are machine washable (no need for harmful dry cleaning solvents), upcycled, organic, and/or biodegradable.